Running an eCommerce business requires the right set of tools in order to help it operate efficiently. An online store has many elements to it such as the blog, shipping, payments, emails, web hosting, marketing, and much more. It’s important to choose the right tools, products, and services for these elements so that your online store can be streamlined in every facet to make things easier for you.

We have curated a list of various different types of resources that you could utilize for your online business that could enhance and improve your processes. Using these resources could help to take your store to the next level and could improve your customer service, communications, conversions, and user experience. Take a look at this list below and see what your business could be missing and how it could be improved by implementing some of these resources.

Store Setup


This is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world. Shopify enables you to set up an online store with all the features that you need to get it going. This platform is particularly great for people who are brand new to the world of eCommerce and building an online store because it’s very user-friendly and easy to work. They also have a range of features that can enhance your store’s functionality which are known as ‘apps’. These can do a variety of things such as automated emails, different types of payment methods, newsletter subscription forms, and so much more. We believe that the vast majority of people who build their first online store choose Shopify due to this and you can also upgrade to Shopify Plus as your business grows or if you want to migrate an existing store to the Shopify platform.


This is another eCommerce platform that enables you to create your own store and start selling online. They can integrate with a wide range of tools and companies such as PayPal, ShipStation, FedEx, Amazon, Norton, McAfee, Stripe, and many more so their platform offers a lot of options for your online store. They also have a built-in SEO management tool, newsletters, and a CRM system that can boost your website’s functionality. You can also take advantage of their 24/7 support and built-in marketing tools as well so they really do offer a great service with value.


Web Hosting

Web hosting is essential as it keeps your website live on the internet. You need a quality web hosting provider that can guarantee uptime and offer good specifications that will support your websites needs. If you’re using Shopify, you do not need to purchase web hosting as they will be your web hosting provider. If you are using a platform such as WordPress, then you will need to purchase a web hosting package.

GreenGeeks Hosting

These guys have built their product on speed and security backed by 24/7 expert support. They are also environmentally friendly and have packages specific to the WordPress platform as well if you wanted to use it. Their services are fast, secure, and scalable in addition to having a 99.9% uptime guarantee and supporting customers in over 150 countries across the globe. You can also get a free domain name when you sign up and their plans are very affordable. GreenGeeks Hosting could be a great choice if you’re just starting out online and their products and support services offer great value.


Bluehost is a very popular web hosting provider and they host millions of websites across the world. You can utilize their 1-click install for WordPress and their 24/7 live support as well. They also offer a free domain name and SSL certificate when you sign up and you can upgrade your plan as your website grows. They are another popular choice for people first starting out online but they are also used widely among large websites as well.

WP Engine

This company specializes in just WordPress, so every package and service they offer has been specifically tailored to this platform. They pride themselves on their services agility, performance, and integration solutions that you can utilize for your website. They also offer 24/7/365 support and they even give you over $2000 worth of value when you sign up in the form of extras. You can gain access to over 35+ premium WordPress themes that normally retail for around $100 each and you can also perform free migrations and a CDN and SSL can be included in your package as well. If you want a web hosting provider that specializes in WordPress then WP Engine could be your best option.

WordPress Themes

Themes can offer your website the opportunity to look better and have increased functionality. They can be seriously powerful and a great investment that can pay for themselves many times over. You’ve probably visited many websites before and hated the look and feel of them. A lot of free themes can get this sort of reaction, and premium themes can come with great features that could increase your websites conversion rate and user experience.

There are a lot of WordPress theme development companies out there and they are not all made the same. These companies below offer amazing WordPress themes and there are collectively hundreds of them so you may want to go through them and see what’s best for you.


Elegant Themes


WordPress Plugins

A plugin can easily be installed on a WordPress website with one click of the mouse and they are designed to perform specific functions on a website. You can get a plugin for almost anything and it could solve a problem for you or add a really cool feature to your website. There are plenty of free WordPress plugins out there and you can easily run high-quality websites only utilizing them. Sometimes, you need something a little extra that only premium plugins offer and that something could be the difference between you making more sales or not.


This place has got to be the largest resource for WordPress plugins. They have thousands to choose from in many different categories and you could seriously boost your website by utilizing some of the plugins they have on offer. If you have an eCommerce website running on WordPress then Codecanyon has a lot of WooCommerce plugins such as shopping cart abandonment recovery, sales countdowns, automated emails, receipts, and invoices, shipping and delivery, payment gateways, and so much more.

Shopify Themes

Much like WordPress, you can also get themes for Shopify as well. These can greatly improve the appearance of your website and give it more customization options. Having a good and professional looking website is vital as many people will make purchasing decisions based on this so it’s very important to choose the right theme for your store.

Template Monster

This place could possibly be the largest collection of premium Shopify themes. They also offer WordPress themes as well, but the options for Shopify here are amazing. They have tens of thousands of templates to choose from and they also offer 24/7 support and a satisfaction guarantee when purchasing their templates.

Out of The Sandbox

This place specializes in premium and ultra-premium Shopify themes with great features and functionality. If you want a feature-rich, flexible, and beautiful Shopify theme then Out of The Sandbox certainly has them on offer for you. Their themes are also designed to look professional, perform to high standards, and convert to sales. They also offer fantastic customer support and integration to automatically update your Shopify theme when future updates are released.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Shipping Management

Shipping is an incredibly vital element of your online store and needs to be optimized to the highest level possible. The faster that your customers can receive their goods, the better it is for your business. Do not overlook this and consider integrating a shipping management company with your online store in order to streamline your processes and increase your conversion rate. The first three providers can be integrated with Shopify and WooCommerce so if you’re using those platforms then getting them to work with your website is easy.

Shipping Easy

This company is fantastic for beginners, especially when you are shipping under 50 orders a month. They are compatible with all major shopping cart platforms so it can be easily integrated into your eCommerce website. They have multi-carrier capabilities and tracking options and can also handle return labels, label printing, and product weighing for you.


You can import, manage, and ship your orders using the ShipStation platform. Their software is designed to save you money and time with eCommerce order fulfillment and can also integrate with all the major shopping cart solutions. Your shipping and order fulfillment process can be customized to suit the needs of your online store and they empower you to sell more and scale your business.


Easyship enables you to ship internationally and can be integrated with services such as DHL, UPS, and 100+ other solutions. You can save money on shipping rates and sync your orders automatically with different solutions to truly streamline your processes. You can compare couriers, get access to analytics, and set different shipping rules so that you can really customize how you want things done.


This shipping and fulfillment provider has over 154 locations in over 45 countries and makes providing your products internationally easy. They have no minimums and are also easy to integrate with the Shopify platform. They offer an automated process in order to help your business run as smoothly as possible and if you want a more hands-free approach with a simple solution then Shipwire could just be what you need.


Dropshipping is a very popular business model that can be carried out in many different ways. It basically consists of a retailer selling a product but not actually keeping stock of it. Instead, the stock is held by a supplier or manufacturer who will also handle the shipping and delivery for the retailer. It eliminates a step that the retailer would normally handle themselves which can save a lot of money on business elements such as storage, rent, and staff. These companies below can be used for a variety of dropshipping businesses so go through them to see what’s better suited for you.


This marketplace is massive and specializes in selling products from China. Because of this, the prices can be incredibly cheap and virtually every single seller will dropship, even if their profiles don’t specify this information. They are kind of like a Chinese eBay, but with arguably better products that can be resold to a Western market. You could buy these products in bulk and use the stock with a shipping and fulfillment company listed above or you could buy a product individually using your customer’s shipping information they provided you with.


AliDropship is a solution that has been developed to integrate with WordPress. You can automatically import products from AliExpress which makes building your WordPress eCommerce website a lot faster. It also has automation features to update your products and other add-ons to boost your traffic and sales. If you want a more custom and done-for-you solution, they can build you a fully functional eCommerce website that you can start using to try and make money.


This platform has a vetted list of dropshipping suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors of high-quality USA/EU products for you to start selling with. This enables you to be more selective with your suppliers and gives more options than AliExpress could offer you. This is also much better for your online store if you want to build a brand rather than reselling very generic products. Spocket is also great if you want to sell to the USA/EU market with faster shipping times since they have suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors based there.

Worldwide Brands

This is a massive correlation of wholesalers, distributors, and suppliers for your dropshipping needs. This is also a massive database with vetted entries and enables you to be more flexible and selective with who you do business with. The membership could be well worth the price if you’re looking to seriously get into dropshipping and progress into a large-scale operation.


Printful is a print-on-demand company with warehouses in the USA and the EU. They specialize in clothing and apparel so if you wanted to start a t-shirt business then Printful is certainly a great option to go with. You just sign up and upload your designs and you can also integrate them with a Shopify or WordPress store as well to automate the order placing, shipping, and delivery processes.



Implementing a live chat system on your website can seriously increase your conversion rate. This type of system enables people who visit your website to ask questions and you could answer them in real-time. This means that people who have pre or post sales inquiries can have their questions answered in a timely manner instead of having to wait and potentially going to a competitors website to make a purchase.


These are basically a virtual assistant that is capable of working 24/7 and doesn’t need to be paid a salary in return. A chatbot can be built and integrated onto your website and it can automatically interact with your visitors and drive them towards making a sale. This means you can be asleep at night when a visitor arrives on your site and the chatbot can interact with them, answer all their questions, and direct them to purchase. Chatbots are incredibly powerful and can be an amazing tool to increase sales and conversions.

Collect Chat

Ninja Outreach

This tool is incredibly effective if you are doing influencer marketing or guest blogging. Ninja Outreach enables you to find opportunities to connect with influential people in your niche and promote yourself via their channels. The marketing potential of this tool can truly be amazing and should be utilized by all eCommerce websites.


Leadpages enables you to create landing pages that can be used to get visitors to perform an action, most likely being the submission of their email address. They say you can grow your business by turning your clicks into customers with their high-converting landing pages. You can get qualified leads by setting up custom pages designed to attract them which you can later use for marketing purposes. Landing pages can be seriously powerful when done right and even eCommerce websites can take advantage of them too.

Social Pilot

Social media is amazing for driving sales and traffic but can be incredibly time-consuming to manage sometimes. Social Pilot is a social media manager and scheduler that you can load your social profiles into, schedule actions such as posts and tweets, and also view detailed analytics about your profiles and actions. You can load over 50+ social media accounts, schedule up to 500 posts at once, and it supports all the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has serious power and can drive a lot of traffic and sales to your website. You can integrate with an email marketing service provider to automatically deliver email marketing campaigns and promotions to your email list. If you’re not taking advantage of email marketing for your online store, then you could be leaving a lot of potential revenue on the table. Get started today because you could build an email list that you can consistently market to and drive traffic and sales.



This is powerful lead generation software that can convert abandoning website visitors into subscribers. They have a range of dynamic marketing tools and were one of the first companies to implement an “Exit Intent” feature, which is when a visitor moves their mouse to leave a website, a pop-up window appears to entice them with an offer. This technology is incredibly powerful and effective and is widely used on many eCommerce websites.


Still on the subject of email marketing, Udimi provides a platform where you can buy advertisements in other peoples email lists. These people have built targeted and niche lists that you can advertise your website in. This can be great for your business since you get to put your brand in front of people who are actually interested in your niche which could lead to a better conversion rate and sales.


This is a website heatmap tool which enables you to see where your website’s visitors perform actions on your web pages and how they behave. You can replay the sessions and also identify pain points, optimize your site, and boost conversions. They are used by some major companies such as Costco, Deloitte, Microsoft, NBC, and Phillips in addition to having well over 100,000 customers.


This is a tool for Amazon’s FBA program. You can use the sales and data tracker but most importantly it is great for product research. You can find well-performing products and ones that have great potential and then try to enter that market yourself. If you want to research profitable Amazon niches then this tool is simply fantastic.

KW Finder

KW Finder is a great keyword research tool that can be utilized for improving your websites SEO. You could find low-competition keywords for your niche and target them so you can get search engine traffic for those keywords. This tool takes a lot of manual work and research off your hands with their database and you could find some really high-quality keywords that could be ripe for targetting.


Wrike is a project management tools that could be great for your business as you scale. It gives you full visibility and control over your tasks and it’s been used by the likes of Google, Loreal, Tiffany & Co., and Jaguar. You can centralize your communication with stakeholders while maintaining full context and having the ability to manage, support, and track your teams approach to work.


This software is great if you want to get into video marketing and start making videos for your brand. You can edit and convert your videos into high-quality products and they have a very good pricing model that is perfect for people who are just getting into this field and don’t need high-level tools.

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