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Email Marketing Strategy

Having an effective email marketing strategy will be key to the overall success of your campaigns. There’s no point in just sending out a bunch of emails and hope that they deliver results. You need to develop a strategy from the ground up, and this guide will detail how you can do this.

How to Get More Email Subscribers

You won’t be able to perform email marketing if you don’t have an email list. Getting more email subscribers can be challenging but there are many ways that you can go about doing it. Some methods are free while others require investment but the most important thing is that you acquire subscribers that are targeted and interested in your niche.

How to Write a Newsletter Article

Anyone can just send out an email newsletter, but knowing how to write one that entices people to take action is the hard part. This guide will detail how you can write an email newsletter that is designed to make people perform an action such as visiting a page on your website or making a purchase.

Email Subject Line Best Practices

The subject line of your email is the initial factor that is going to influence someone to open it. Boring or generic subject lines are not going to be effective and you need to come up with something that grabs attention and makes the reader want to open it immediately.

Best Times for Email Marketing

The time that your emails get sent out will have an influence over how many people open them and how many people take action on them. Sending emails to a group of executives or professionals at lunchtime on a Sunday is not going to be as effective as midmorning on a Tuesday. Analyze your email list demographics and read this guide to figure out which times could be best for you to send out your email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Analytics

You need to study your email list and email marketing campaigns in order to gain insight into who your list is and how they respond to your emails. By keeping track of and studying your email analytics, you can identify key factors and areas that may need adjusting in order to maximize your potential results.

Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing is one of those things that people think is easy to do but actually requires a lot of seemingly minor details to make it effective. It’s very easy to make mistakes when it comes to email marketing campaigns and some of them are obvious while others are very subtle and may not be immediately noticeable. Come and learn the most common email marketing mistakes that people make so you can avoid them when you send out your newsletters or campaigns.

Email Marketing Tips

Even after you’ve been sending out email marketing campaigns for a while and getting good results there could still be room for improvement. These email marketing tips could help you out whether you are just starting out or have a big list that is already delivering results for you. Sometimes even the smallest details or adjustments could make a very big difference so we have curated this list to help you get more out of your email campaigns.

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