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We know that some people just want everything laid out for them in an easy to follow format so they can hit the ground running. While we strive to provide in-depth and high-quality guides for people to follow for their online journey, we know that there are people who are just eager to dive straight in. If this is you, then this online store quick start guide can be your blueprint for setting up an eCommerce business.

This page is designed to essentially be a map for you to follow step-by-step so can you create an online store faster than reading through many pages of content and not taking action soon enough. You will still need to read through pages of content in order to create a store that has the potential to be successful, but this quick start guide has simplified the process for you by outlining what to do in exact order.

Let’s get started.

Online Store Outline

Choose A Platform to Sell Online

Before you can even begin to get started building an online store from scratch, you need to decide which platform to build it on. There are two main platforms for you to choose from; Shopify and WordPress. These platforms are the most user-friendly and can get you up and running faster while also having a wide range of amazing benefits for you and your business.

To know the difference between these two platforms and decide which one is best for you, you can check out our comparison guide here.

Integrate Solutions

There are many different types of solutions that you can integrate into your website in order to get different features and functionality. Some solutions can prove to be a game-changer and could be the difference between you making hundreds or thousands per month. You don’t need to integrate every solution out there, just what you think is necessary to run your business and maintain its future growth.

Here are some of the most popular and easy to use website integrations that could help you streamline your online business:

Web Hosting


Email Marketing


Social Media

Social Pilot


Shipping Easy


Ninja Outreach

Livechat System


Landing Pages


SEO Tool

KW Finder

Capture Emails

Optin Monster



Website Themes

Template Monster

Visitor Tracking


Business Outline

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